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Welcome to Shepherds Hope Rescue

Furious Florence






Hi Everyone,

We had no power for 5 days because of the Hurricane.  Got air evacuated yesterday with 40 minutes notice or we would be stranded for weeks with no food or water.   Arrived last night around 2:30 at my friend’s house in Charlotte with 5 dogs and Linus in my friend’s RV after a 6 1/2 drive back because of road closures.   My first priority has been getting the dogs settled.  I have no dog supplies and need to get to the store.  Luckily the dogs were fantastic with everyone and people were amazed.

Here are some pictures from the evacuation.  We probably won’t be able to go back to the house for a few weeks because the 2 access roads out of our place are flooded and the Cape Fear river will be cresting on Saturday which will bring more standing water.  We did not have any flooding at the house and the cars were fine.  But I am very upset that we had to leave my van in a vulnerable area to evacuate.  So much stress, I felt like I was going to get a heart attack but lucky for all the kind people from all over the country we have met to help us.  It’s incredible the teams of people from all the states we met.  Some of the workers gave their last bottles of water to the dogs while we were waiting to be picked up by the buses to be brought to the shelter to wait for our ride.

Even if we get electric back on it won’t help us because we can’t get to our house.  They say this is a once in a 100 year event.  Why couldn’t it have waited until we moved out???!!!

But we are OK and trying to cope.  Grateful we were spared.  So much devastation, my heart breaks for so many people.

Thank you so much to everyone that have been trying to contact me.  I appreciate your concern and good wishes.  This has been quite an ordeal but we will get through this.  The dogs are enjoying the air conditioning and lack of stress.  Animals are truly amazing.  They really did great with all of this.  Please keep praying for all the animals that people have abandoned and especially for the horses and outdoor animals.  

Here is a compilation of pictures from several rescue people that took pictures during the evacuation and sent them to me.  We made lots of friends.  We laughed when the evacuation crew first saw the dogs coming towards them, they looked a bit concerned.  But each grabbed a dog and they got us all on the helicopter and we were quite cozy during the ride. The rescue team were taking selfies with the dogs and giving them lots of affection which the dogs loved.  God bless all those wonderful rescue people that help save people and animals.  Without their courage and care, so many would not be here today.  


Today finally starting to feel safe.  

 Best wishes to all,
 Donna J. And the Shepherds Hope Pack.

Remembering Cruz



It is with the deepest sadness that I share with you the passing of Cruz.  He was part of the Fabulous 5 Pack, plus one.  The Fabulous 5 were the best dogs I could ever had wished for.  They helped train all my foster dogs and Cruz became the plus 1 when I tried to adopt him out twice and he was returned twice in less than 24 hours.  He proved the be the greatest challenge to the Fab 5 and he was their greatest triumph.  I guess you can say that Cruz chose us and wanted to stay and be a part of the Pack.


Cruz had been struggling with problems with his back legs for 2 years.  He had bad hip dysplasia when I got him, over 8 years ago, but DM had taken over in the last 5 months.  He needed help going up and down steps and then he needed help getting up. He was having terrible allergies and was treated 3 days ago with a new auto-immune booster drug that seemed to work well but he was still uncomfortable.  You could tell there was something more going on.  Then he wouldn’t eat, even his most favorite cooked foods.  He never stopped panting and his huge body would heave up and down and he would almost shake.  It hurt to watch him breath.  In just 2 days he stopped eating and wouldn’t get up to go outside.  I could see in his eyes it was time.  I couldn’t watch him suffer any longer.  I wanted him to be out of pain.

So today at 10:30 he peacefully went to sleep and finally the pain went away.  I cannot believe how much we miss him.  Everyone seems lost.  He was such a presence in our house, the anchor, the ever present presence that made our house seem like a home.  In his last few years Cruz became a real huggable love.  No one could resist petting or snuggling him.  And he loved that.  The most difficult dog I had ever encountered had turned into an amazing dog.  He truly became a gentle giant.  You couldn’t walk down the street without people stopping to say how magnificent he was.  He truly was a one in a million dog.


Now Cruz has gone over the Rainbow Bridge and has joined the Fabulous 5, where it all began.  The circle of life is complete.  I look up at the moon each night and think of my Fab 5 and now I will think of Cruz, too.  I tell them I miss them and love them and I will be with them soon.  But first I have more GSDs to save.  


Please give your loves ones a hug and tell them how much you love them.  It can happen so fast and those memories you make will last a life time.



Rest in Peace, beautiful baby boy.  My heart is broken……

Donna J.



Max, Cruz, Sable, Dutch, Rolphy, Valentine



In memory of Cruz

Terri Gerlich






We’d like to welcome McFly to our Shepherds Hope family.  McFly has had a very sad start to his young life. His father locked him in a tiny crate and put him in a closet and then shot himself. Five days later Mc was found in the closet beyond traumatized.


After 2 weeks in the shelter the staff decided that he could only be taken by rescue or put down. We just had to take him and give him a chance.

Here’s Mc on his ride home, a bit confused and sad but glad he is going to a home. At 1 1/2 years old and only 41 lbs. he is very emaciated so we are feeding him special food and small meals.

Next stop the vet for a full medical check up and another bath.

We’ll keep you posted on his progress. Despite everything Mc has been through, he is very sweet and wants to trust and love again. Baby steps. 



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